Tips on How to Get Free Flights to Enjoy Free Travel

Everybody is impressed by the idea of free travel. Travel can be expensive for some people. As such, Justin Vitek owner of Babcock Social Pub says that everybody wants to take advantage of the available opportunities to travel free of charge. Today, there are travel agencies, hotels, and credit cards providers with enticing programs that enables people to travel for free. Here are some of the tips that you can use to get flights that enable you to travel free of charge.

Use Promotions

There are times when airlines and credit card providers offer promotions to their customers. However, you should be alert to benefit from such promotions and discounts if you want to travel cheaply. Essentially, the best travel deals do not last long. Therefore, you have to be a good timer to benefit from promotions, contests, and discounts that will enable you to travel free of charge.

Use Companion Vouchers

There are companies that offer discounted or free companion vouchers. Travelers apply for the vouchers through online bookings. Nevertheless, pay attention because some companion passes that are availed in promotions via third parties compel travelers to book tickets via specific travel agencies.

Use Your Credit Card

Credit card spending can earn you free travel. Some travel credit cards have mileage rewards. You can use these rewards as the primary payment method for daily expenses. Savvy travelers collect mileage by paying for their parking fees, utility bills and other purchases with credit cards.

Getting free flights that enable you to travel free of charge is never easy. However, it is not impossible. You can try these strategies carefully to earn a free flight and travel without incurring a high cost. The most important thing is to have a goal in mind. Focus on securing free flights and you will eventually get them.

Things about Travel You Will Probably Not Hear People Talk About

Traveling is among the best things that you can do during your lifetime. Travel provides unique experiences. You learn new things and interact with new people when you travel. But, things will not always go as expected when you travel. Here are things about travel that you won’t probably hear people talk about.

The Straight Path is Not Always the Best

When conducting research about your travel destination, the distance between point A and B may seem straight and short. But, this is not always the case. Depending on your travel destination, the distance may be longer. What’s more, some places may be difficult to access than anticipated. Therefore, be ready for challenges when you travel to enjoy a better experience.

Patience is Important when Traveling

Most travelers are required to wait long hours at the train and bus stations as well as at the airports. If you are not patient, you will end up being frustrated and this will ruin your travel experience. Therefore, be patient and try to figure a way out of challenging situations when you face them.

Food Won’t Always Be Delicious

You’ve probably heard people share their experiences about food at their travel destinations. Though many people will tell you how delicious the food was some places serve food that is not delicious or even gentle on travelers’ stomachs. Therefore, be ready to eat food that is not delicious and take precaution to avoid food poisoning.

Accommodations are Different

You may book accommodation online after coming across an advert online. However, the accommodation that you get at your destination may not be what you expected. Therefore, take time to conduct some research on accommodation. Look for a place with genuine reviews from travelers that have actually spent nights there.

Not Every Body Is Good

Though most people are good, some are con artists and scammers. Some people are mugged and scammed when they travel. Therefore, take caution to go to places where your safety is assured.

These are things about travel you will probably not hear people talk about. Bear them in mind when planning your trip to make your experience better. Need some more tips, check out this site for more details on the subject.

Five Contrasting Facts to Know and See in Antarctica

Are you planning to travel to Antarctica and you do not know what to expect?  A lot of people do not understand this fantastic continent. The fact that it is in the poles makes it one of the least traveled places on earth. Although it has no inhabitant, there is a lot to see in this desolate land. Before you set out to Antarctica, here are five exciting and ironic facts you need to know about this mysterious continent.

1. Antarctica is a Desert

This fact will surprise you. Antarctica is actually a desert. All year round, most of this continent does not receive any form of moisture whether from rain, snow or hail storm. This continent qualifies it to be a desert despite the biting cold and the snow.  

2. 90% of World’s FreshWater is Found Here

It is ironic that Antarctica is a desert and at the same time has almost all the freshwater on earth. More than 15 million square kilometers of Antarctica is just pure water in snow form. The depth of this snow is 1.5 KM.  If you calculate you will realize that 90% of the world’s fresh water lies here idle.

3. Antarctica Temperature was once 17° C

As you visit this unforgiving place, be prepared for sub-zero temperatures. In some areas, temperatures drop to as low as – 70°C.  As you fathom this, know as a fact that scientists have proved that during the dinosaur era (40 to 50 million years ago) the average temperature of Antarctica was 17°C. Once you arrive in this place, you will find no vegetation. It is hard to imagine that there was once any vegetation in this desolate land. The fact is that there were once vibrant tropical forests during the Eocene period.

4. Antarctica Will not Remain Cold Forever

As you gaze at the vast snow and feel the unforgiving cold, know for a fact that the Antarctica we know today will not remain cold forever. Global warming is adversely affecting this continent. Scientists have affirmed that the ocean temperature of Antarctica has risen by 1°C since 1955 and the air temperature by 3°C. The polar ice is slowly and surely melting. This phenomenon will one day raise the ocean level by up to 60 meters. Antarctica is therefore critical in global warming.

5. There is no Time Zone in Antarctica

When you visit Antarctica, you will have to use your local time zone. This continent lies at the point where the longitudes and latitudes meet. The measurement of time is not done in hours, days or months. Here, there are only two ‘days’ in a year.  Six months of uninterrupted sunshine and six months of darkness is what resemble a day here.


Antarctica has no residents. It is too much for human inhabitat, but you will find people going there out of curiosity or to research. The history of the earth can be found in this continent, and the future is being made here. These inconsistent facts make this continent the most mysterious of all.